MVP Project

Having experience as a startup we understand the importance of an MVP and the validation process. We aim to implement agile methodologies while taking your idea "designed" on paper and turn it to a clickable prototype to be ready for your beta testers.

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Problem definition

Our first and most important step is to understand our clients' business problems and needs. This is the core part of the Business and Product Strategy Consultation we offer help to get a detailed overview of your idea and future business possibilities. To build a successful product it is essential to identify your key partners, your audience and your value proposition.

As a startup you are probably in a stage where you already have a product idea in mind, made some basic benchmarking research and defined possible buyer personas, all essential to validate your problem and understand your project better.

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Ideation and prototype

Gaining the most detailed ideas of the values you would like to offer for your customers, we can help you with insights to clarify the main user cases and user flows of your target audience. This will lead us to an effective and successful design sprint, that often requires thinking "out of the box” and the collaborative share and improvement of ideas.

We work together with you and your experts to design the first version of the product wireframe and mockups, with the final result being a clickable prototype.

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Delivery of MVP

The Development Strategy Consultation is focused on the collection and review of all the data, plans and documentation to estimate the cost and the time required for delivery of the MVP.

At this stage the agile team set up for your project is ready to deliver the mininum viable version of your product with the features ready to satisfy your early users and get some valuable feedbacks for future development.

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Having experience as a startup we also understand that with the MVP ready, gaining valuable user feedback is still a tough process. It also needs continuous testing, iterations and implementations of these feedbacks.

Using agile in both our project management and development we are always ready for evolving requirements and we adapt seamlessly.