Full Product Delivery

We are here to help you understand your own business needs, clarify your vision, build a digital strategy and put it into work to elevate your business.

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Problem definition

Our first and most important step is to understand our clients' business needs and problems. This is the core part of the Business Strategy Consultation we offer to help to get a detailed overview of your business.

To build a successful product it is essential to identify your key partners, your audience, your value proposition and revenue model.

Consequently, this phase contains a basic benchmarking research, a business canvas model and a buyer persona workshop, all essential to understand your project better.

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As soon as we have a clear understanding about the pains of your business, we can talk about the pain killers.
Based on the previous problem statement phase we use all the gained information to define main user cases and user flows of your target audience.
These will help us to set up a basic product design and an effective product development flow in the next steps.

In this phase we also help you create a detailed value proposition canvas for a better understanding of the values you can offer for your clients to make them happy while achieving your ideal business goals.

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Concept creation

Gaining the most detailed descriptions of your ideas we reach to the definition of your project scope. This isn’t just about the delivery of the digital product, but the collection of all of your ideas and about the detailed solutions to the key needs of your target audience.
This phase also contains a Design Consultation, where we help you adopt the basics of design-thinking and agile methodologies. We work together with you and your experts to design the first version of the product wireframe and mockups.

The above often requires thinking "out of the box” and a collaborative mindset of sharing and improving existing ideas.

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Project Plan

Still in the planning phase, together we finalize the Product Requirement Documentation. This contains all the information that is collected during the previous research phases, consultations and workshops.

The following Development Strategy Consultation is focused on the collection and review of all the data, plans and documentation to estimate the cost and the time required for delivery of the defined project. Part of the consultation is the technological specification of the project, including identification of software components, cloud infrastructure needs, database schemes, planned operation and structure of the system.

Based on the above our clients receive the product development roadmap set up with milestones, time and cost estimation of the project.

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Solution Delivery

We believe that the delivered digital product is only a part of your profit-oriented service so the design and development must consider all the business goals you defined.

While the previous steps are designed to properly and extensively delineate these, we understand the need of being a flexible partner through the whole process.

Using agile in both our project management and development we are always ready for evolving requirements and we adapt seamlessly.

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The statistics of the software development industry show that maintenance services are mostly underestimated, although based on the experience of an average digital company the effort is almost more than half of the total effort invested during the lifespan of a product.

Based on the needs of the client our maintenance services may include ongoing support services, regular updates, security management or smaller performance enhancements. We always adjust to the business needs and adapt to long-term plans.